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Sr. Journal Name Title of Research Paper Name of Author Action
1 Inspira- Journal of Modern Management & Entrepreneurship check1 auth1
2 International Journal of Engineering and Innovative Technology Wormhole Attack Detection in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Ajay Prakash Rai, Vineet Srivastava, Rinkoo Bhatia
3 International Journal of Research in Business Studies “GENE ACTION STUDIES FOR YIELD AND ITS COMPONENTS IN GREEN GRAM (Vigna radiata ( L.) Wilczek)” S. B. Chavan1, D. K. Patil2 And V. S. Pawar3
4 Inspira- Journal of Modern Management & Entrepreneurship “INFLUENCE OF ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS ON INCIDENCE AND INTENSITY OF POWDERY MILDEW DISEASE ON OKRA (Abelmoschus esculentus MOENCH)” G.U. Waychal
5 International Engineering Journal For Research and development Survey on Different Cache Replacement Algorithms Auhtor1